2D Artist | Project Manager | Marketing

Status : Released

Under: Studio Ami 

Group Size : 10+ 

Genre : Vocal Synthesis

Tools : UTAU / Audacity / Paint Tool Sai / Photoshop

Timeline :

2016 - 2018

VAI is a multilingual vocal synthesis developed for the UTAU engine. They are able to sing in 4 different languages, English,Japanese,Spanish and Korean. VAI is a used as a mascot for the app VOCALOID AMINO as well as a free musical instrument for independent producers and developers.

The project was done over the course of a year in 2016, with updates stopping around 2018. I helped develop the character concept art with three other members, as well as designed official art for the character once the official design was chosen.
I currently keep up with general communication regarding VAI's TOS and use by 3rd partys.


I was first put on the team as a concept artist, taking suggestions from the community and putting them together to create some ideas. We eventually all shared our ideas and merged them into a single idea. 


art circa 2016

Once a final design was chosen we continued with recording the voice bank and designing final art. I worked on final production art. After a year, with a final design we released VAI with all 4 languages.


Pre- and Post Release Art I did below.