Copy of Property Damage Logo.png

Lead Artist  | Animator

Status : Unreleased

Under: Hard Hat Studios

Group Size : 5

Genre : Couch Co-Op

Tools : Unity / Paint Tool Sai / Photoshop 

Timeline :

2018 - 2019 


Property Damage, previously known as Maximum House, is an Award Winning 2D Fighting Game being developed in the Unity Engine. You play as one of two houses in a fight to the death in this cartoony styled beat em up. Won Runner Up at MassDiGI Game Challenge.

Over the course of late 2018, I contributed to animation and design of the characters in the game as well as the environment and general UI direction.

The project was conceived during Global Game Jam 2018, with the theme home. Of course, we choose to stray off the path of the theme and develop a game with fighting houses.


Due to public reception being overwhelmingly positive we decided to casually continue working on the game. Submitting to Mass DiGI's Game Challenge 2019 and developing the style to look better.

Property Damage has a planned release to be a Free to Play Couch Co-Op on Steam.

Global Game Jam | Concept

Due to the fact the game was made for a global game jam everything was rushed in comparison to finishing the game in a 2 Day release. I worked on the character design in a 24 hour deadline due to a part time job at the time.


Original Designs

Mass DiGI Game Challenge

After such positive reception we decided to submit for Game Challenge, and change up the style for the event. Due to the extra time we now had to make the game feel allot better.

We won Runner Up in our division

Barn STILL.png
Mansion STILL.png


After the success that was Game Challenge we continue to juice the game for a proper release. We showed off at PAX and Worcester Pop Up, got some players who seemed to enjoy the game extremely. We're keeping it simple, not changing something that is already fun to play, but adding smaller things that makes it feel and look better.


Gradual Damage

Particle Effects