VAI is a multilingual vocal synthesis developed for the UTAU engine. They are able to sing in 4 different languages, English,Japanese,Spanish and Korean. VAI is a used as a mascot for the app VOCALOID AMINO as well as a free musical instrument for independent producers and developers.

The project ...

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Property Damage

Property Damage, previously known as Maximum House, is an Award Winning 2D Fighting Game being developed in the Unity Engine. You play as one of two houses in a fight to the death in this cartoony styled beat em up. Won Runner Up at MassDiGI Game Challenge.

Over the course of late 2018, I contribu...

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Save The Flame!

Save The Flame is a 2D Endless Runner developed for Android and IOS for a late 2019 release. Created and developed over Mass DiGI's Summer Innovation Program with a team of 6 other interns, and continuing into the semester in Becker Live Studio.

Over the course of three months we went through Pre-...