Journey to Blackwood

Journey to Blackwood


Lead Artist | 2D Animator | Assistant Producer

Status : Unreleased - Discontined

Under: Accipiter studios

Group Size : 20+

Genre : Intended Mobile RPG - PC RPG

Tools : Unity / Paint Tool Sai / Photoshop / Spine

Timeline : 2018 - 2019

In collaboration with Worcester Public Schools as special project, Journey to Blackwood was working to teach children how to avoid falling into the actions that may lead to Opioid Addiction. The team wanted to enforce positive social interaction, self-control, basic problem solving, and positive emotional development.

While Lead Artist I did the following:


  • Push for a total re-work artistically of the game. With the intention to create a simple and easily replicable art style.

  • Designed, colored, animated & programmed the player character & other characters.

  • Animated in Unity. 

  • Gave out tasks and reported back and forth between production.


Becker College closed down in 2021, effectively discontinuing the game's development.