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My name is Savannah Magarida Reis Gaspar and I'm a 2D Artist for worlds and characters in video games and general interactive media.

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© 2018 by Savannah Gaspar 

Carbon Dating

Carbon Dating

Lead Artist | UI/UX | Comp Design

Status : Released

Under: Mass DiGI 

Group Size : 7

Genre : Episodic Mobile Dating Simulator

Tools : Unity / Paint Tool Sai / Photoshop

Timeline : August 2019 - Current

Carbon Dating is an environmentally based dating sim released in October of 2019.  It was created in house at Mass DiGI in the span of a month and a half. Lead Artist on the project developing the full atheistic of the game.

Over the course of the months, I helped developed a full aesthetic for the game as well as write and develop the game from scratch. Creating UI/UX and developing the story are other tasks I was tasked with, as well as basic marketing and store setup.



Due to the nature of the deadline for the game, we had no room for Pre-Production and went straight into Production for the development of the game.

First I tried to develop a general style of the game by concepting three character styles for approval, then moving on from approval into general concepting for characters.

Character Concepting

I began working on character concepts based on character description and preferences from the writiers and trying to put their vision on paper. We went through of a couple of concepts before final approval.

Character Finalization

Cassandra Revamp

Because the project was rushed originally, Cassandras original final design was rushed compared to the other characters.