Carbon Dating

Carbon Dating

Lead Artist | UI/UX | Comp Design

Status : Released

Under: Mass DiGI 

Group Size : 7

Genre : Episodic Mobile Dating Simulator

Tools : Unity / Paint Tool Sai / Photoshop

Timeline : August - December 2019 ( Discontinued )

Carbon Dating is an environmentally based dating sim released in October of 2019.  It was created in house at Mass DiGI in the span of a month and a half. Lead Artist on the project developing the full atheistic of the game.

Over the course of the months, I helped developed a full aesthetic for the game as well as write and develop the game from scratch. Creating UI/UX and developing the story are other tasks I was tasked with, as well as basic marketing and store setup.



Due to the nature of the deadline for the game, we had no room for Pre-Production and went straight into Production for the development of the game.

First I tried to develop a general style of the game by concepting three character styles for approval, then moving on from approval into general concepting for characters.

Character Concepting

I began working on character concepts based on character description and preferences from the writiers and trying to put their vision on paper. We went through of a couple of concepts before final approval.

Character Finalization

Cassandra Revamp

Because the project was rushed, Cassandra was revamped to fit her character.


About Me

My name is Savannah Magarida Reis Gaspar and I'm a 2D Artist for worlds and characters in video games and general interactive media.

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